Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Cool and easy Woodworking Projects ideas to build

Men have been building things with their hands for centuries with stone, animal bones and of course wood being some of the first materials to be used. If you’ve ever built something with your hands you’ll know that feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing a woodworking project. I personally got my first taste of woodworking thanks to my dad who is a skilled craftsman and engineer. Although my woodshop skills aren’t the greatest I want to share with you a few cool woodworking projects I found online to motivate both skilled and beginner craftsman to start a new project or two. Read more about the history of woodworking on Wikipedia.

What most people don’t realize is the creative freedom one has when building something. All you need is a few materials, some cool, easy and simple woodworking plans and you can be off to building a chair, cupboard, bed, coffee table, furniture for your kids or whatever you like. I usually built furniture for my home and it’s not only cool and fun to work on these projects but I also save a lot of money on furniture costs while doing so.

Cool Woodworking projects
I must confess that these pictures are not my own, I found them on various social networks but they are still great and a must share! If you need a little motivation and some cool woodshop project ideas to get you going, these are sure to help.

Sandpit / Outdoor table combination:
Who would have ever thought of building a sandpit table that can also be used by grownups? The design is simple, but yet very effective and can be built with relative cheap material. Once your kid grows up you can remove the sand and convert it into a storage area for cushions or other outdoor stuff.
cool woodworking projects

Oil drum bar table:
I just love it when people repurpose “old junk”, add a few materials and turn it into a cool piece that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Take a look at this table. What kind of old materials do you have lying around at your house that you can turn into a woodworking piece of art?

Unique Wine Rack
Every man needs to build a wine rack. It’s probably one the first projects that you are taught in woodworking class. However this one has its own unique twist to it. Simple, easy but yet very cool…

Wooden washing bin on wheels
This one is probably one of my favorites out of all four images and I can definitely see myself taking on a cool little project similar to this one in the near future. The beauty of it is that this washing bin is basically just a box on wheels but it looks awesome and can be very usefull.

Are you looking for cool woodworking project ideas and plans?
There are a lot of free plans available on the internet, some are good, some are bad and some are missing critical details that need to finish the project. And unless you’re already a woodworking master detailed instructions might be just what you need. My go-to website for great woodworking plans is Teds Woodworking where for a small price you can get access to over 16000 plans someone who knows how to build things. I hope you enjoyed my post and don't waste time getting your cool wood shop projects up and running, start building something today!

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